We help entrepreneurs and leaders build strong marketing organizations

Lifecycle is a marketing management expert company. We help entrepreneurs with product commercialization beyond product launch, and help corporate leaders transform their organizations into modern Lean and Agile enterprises.

Product Commercialization

Got an awesome product?
Great, now let’s go sell it

Your goal is to sell your product to the right customers, at commanding prices. Nailing the right product-market fit is an iterative process; you won’t go far if your marketing is ad-hoc and linear. Resource adeptly and build a strong marketing infrastructure that will allow you to continuously listen, hypothesize, test and adapt your product with your customers.

You’ve got a great product – don’t lose the steam.

Marketing Infrastructure

Build your core
to be Lean and Agile

Marketing is a long journey and a moving target, because your customers are human and customer behavioral patterns are hard to predict. And marketing is multifaceted; it’s analogue (human sales) and digital (web and social marketing), visually and contextually creative yet data driven and engineerical, and evolving by nature – most likely you will go through a rapid cycle of product improvement or even pivoting, and hence marketing becomes a moving target. That’s why marketing shouldn’t be an ancillary exercise to product development.

Embrace marketing as an integral part of your business. Build your organization around both product, and marketing.


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About Us

Lifecycle Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) was founded in 2011 by veteran marketer Takeshi Yoshida. Takeshi has over $4bn of product placement track record across 20+ years in Asia and beyond. His subject matter expertise is in banking, wealth management and fintech, although his area of coverage goes beyond with signfificant experience in SaaS and consumer products as well. To learn more about Takeshi’s background, visit him on LinkedIn. Takeshi is a researcher and practitioner of current best practices of marketing and organization management, and welcomes contact from all fields of professionals. You can read Takeshi’s thoughts and approaches on our blog.

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