Transform with Lean & Agile

How do we find product market fit? How do we better engage with customers? How do we boost our processes, strategy and marketing with digital? How do we create a better working environment for our people? How do we embrace innovation and talent with outside partners?

Organizations need an operating model that embraces problem solving. Lean & Agile address the many short comings of traditional enterprise management. With Lean & Agile, leaders, teams, customers and partners are more connected, products are developed much faster and cheaper, and marketing becomes less riskier.

In this changing world of social and digital engagement, we need a better way of doing business and managing organizations. Go Lean & Agile.


Lean & Agile Organizational Transformation

Adopting Lean & Agile is no easy feat. The ideology behind Lean & Agile is rational and makes sense to most, but putting that into action requires mindset shifts and a lot of breaking habits. Though if done correctly, Lean & Agile will bring incredible productivity, positivity and break through to organizations. At Lifecycle, we have a good understanding of organizational behavior and a method of hacking to drive a successful Lean & Agile organizational transformation. Engage us to help you with your Lean & Agile transformation journey.

Digital Business Transformation

It’s not just UI/UX/CX. Beyond digital and social customer engagement, data and metrics is integral to strategy, operations and all aspects of enterprise management. That’s why we go Digital Adoption-Transition-Transformation: our approach is incremental, adaptive and iterative so that going digital becomes a successful all organization exercise.

Marketing Acceleration

Your goal is to sell your product to the right customers, at commanding prices. Nailing the right product-market fit is an iterative process; you won’t go far if your marketing is ad-hoc and linear. And marketing is multifaceted; it’s analogue (human sales) and digital (web and social marketing), visually and contextually creative yet data driven and engineerical, and evolving by nature. Scrum is not just for product development – learn how to run Sprints for sales & marketing in a true Lean & Agile way.

Corporate-Startup Partnership

Corporates are increasingly embracing startups as innovation partners. The challenge is, the significant velocity difference between startups and corporates. Inordinate amounts of control and compliance that the corporates require the startups to observe also create severe impediments. The key to a successful Corporate-Startup Partnership project is to focus on building a new culture between the two parties. It’s a mutual learning journey and a Lean & Agile approach works well.


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Lifecycle Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based management consulting company specialized in Lean & Agile. Lifecycle was founded in 2011 by CEO Takeshi Yoshida, a former banker, veteran marketer and startup manager. Takeshi regularly writes on Medium on how to apply Lean & Agile thinking to problem solving the many challenges that modern organizations face.

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