Transform with Lean & Agile

How do we find product market fit? How do we better engage with customers? How do we boost our processes, strategy and marketing with digital? How do we create a better working environment for our people? How do we embrace innovation and talent with outside partners?

Organizations need an operating model that embrace problem solving. Lean & Agile address the many short comings of traditional enterprise management. With Lean & Agile, leaders, teams, customers and partners are more connected, products are developed much faster and cheaper, and marketing becomes less riskier.

In this changing world of social and digital engagement, we need a better way of doing business and managing organizations. Go Lean & Agile.


Organizational Transformation

“Transformation as waterfall” is a common pitfall that organizational transformation projects, including digital transformation projects, that go stagnant fall into. Transformation projects can be dramatically resuscitated and accelerated with an iterative and incremental adoption-transition-transformation Agile approach. The key is learning – our focus is to coach leaders and train teams on how to use Lean & Agile for problem solving the many challenges that emerge from change.

Innovation Project Management

Innovation projects between large organizations and startups, including between financial institutions and fintechs, are unique challenges. Significant differences in velocity, control and compliance standards, and communication protocols all contribute to misalignment between parties. At Lifecycle, we facilitate collaborative innovation projects with an iterative, experimental Agile approach that emphasizes the importance of creating a joint-team culture. New ideas often are born out of co-creation. Let your teams build together a new environment of shared understanding and see what magic happens.


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Why Lean & Agile?

Because in this changing world of social and digital engagement, we need a better way of doing business and managing organizations. Lean & Agile are antidotes to the two main causes of dysfunction in modern organizations:

  1. Waterfall project management, and
  2. Functional hierarchical organization structures…

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Lifecycle is a Singapore based learning and development company specialized in Lean & Agile leadership coaching and team training for organizational transformation, digital and innovation initiatives. We also provide expert consulting to institutional clients on innovation projects with startup partners, including between financial institutions and startups. Lifecycle was founded in 2011 by CEO Takeshi Yoshida, a former banker, veteran marketer and startup manager. Takeshi writes two series of blogs on Medium: The Lean and Agile Practitioner, and The Reflective Leader and Learning Organization Guide.

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