Delivering Operational & Commercial Success
to the Forefront of Innovation & Transformation

Lifecycle is an Operating Partner expert company that helps Private Equity firms, Venture Capital funds and Financial Institutions achieve operational and commercial success with portfolio companies and strategic projects.

We also support organizations go through Digital Business Transformation with an original “Digital Adoption-Transition-Transformation” incremental approach.

PEs & Corporates

Operating Partner

We provide Supportive Oversight and Turnaround Management for Private Equity portfolio companies, applying a metrics driven, fast iteration, communicative approach adopted from Lean & Agile management.

VCs & Startups

Marketing Acceleration

Is your team relentlessly pursuing product market fit? We support Marketing Acceleration for startups. We believe in marketing as an organization wide exercise and our approach is staunchly Lean & Agile: Agile project management is not only for devs – did you know that you can also do Scrum for sales & marketing? Most startups get to the point of product launch, but marketing as an afterthought and linear and ad-hoc marketing is what kills the steam. Embrace the true build-measure-learn spirit of Lean & Agile and make your product development and customer facing resources critically work together to pave the path to scaled commercial success.

FIs & Fintechs

Fintech Partnership

We work with the innovation teams at financial institutions on supporting the intricate implementation stage of Fintech Partnership projects. The velocity difference and significant gap on control and compliance standards is a persistent source of frustration between the fintechs and financial institutions. We provide the much needed nuance elements for making two distinctively different organizational and process cultures synthesize and work.

Digital Business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation is not only about online and social customer engagement, it is also about digital tools to drive operational efficiency and leveraging data intelligence for enterprise strategy. In line with our build-measure-learn Lean & Agile philosophy, we apply an incremental Digital Adoption-Transition-Transformation approach. Starting with small wins, we build the momentum to make Digital Business Transformation a whole enterprise exercise.


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About Us

Lifecycle Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) was founded in 2011 by veteran marketer Takeshi Yoshida. Takeshi has over $4bn of product placement track record across 20+ years in Asia and beyond. His subject matter expertise is in banking, wealth management and fintech, although his area of coverage goes beyond with signfificant experience in SaaS and consumer products as well. To learn more about Takeshi’s background, visit him on LinkedIn. Takeshi is a researcher and practitioner of current best practices of marketing and organization management, and welcomes contact from all fields of professionals. You can read Takeshi’s thoughts and approaches on our blog.

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