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Lean, Agile, Scrum | Lifecycle

A Pretty Good Summary of Lean, Agile, Scrum

Why Lean & Agile?

Because in this changing world of social and digital engagement, we need a better way of doing business and managing organizations. Lean & Agile are antidotes to the two main causes of dysfunction in modern organizations:

  1. Waterfall project management, and
  2. Functional hierarchical organization structures…

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Fixing Startup Marketing with Lean & Agile

Four Areas of Focus We focus on the following four areas to help startups build strong foundations for marketing and enterprise success: Make marketing more approachable and easier to grasp Embrace third party specialist marketing... Read More

The 3 Challenges Of Startup Marketing

My name is Takeshi. I am the founder of Lifecycle. We help startups succeed with better marketing. After a long banking career, I started my startup marketing life in 2011, first involved in a portfolio... Read More

Previous Projects

Lifecycle was originally founded as Pacific Cross-Border in 2011. In our first iteration, we focused on helping Maker Movement type of consumer product startups. The idea was to help consumer product startups scale with global... Read More