Try Design Thinking + Scrum: A Powerful Hybrid Agile Approach

The Lean & Agile Practitioner Classic Scrum’s Achilles’ heel One of the weak areas of classic Scrum, in my opinion, is the relative simplicity of the ideation phase. “What to build” is sometimes an arbitrary discussion during the Scrum Backlog building and Sprint Planning exercises, and too frequently I see people just listing up things “to do” in linear fashion, resulting in what Jeff Patton calls a “flat backlog”. Not enough thinking is put in to “what to build: why, … Read More

Sprint Till You Drop, and three other tales of Scrum gone wrong

Scrum can easily go wrong. Let’s take a look. (This post is an excerpt from our earlier article A Pretty Good Summary of Lean, Agile, Scrum.) ‣ The Spiritless Scrum: Sprints as Mini-Waterfalls Often, User Stories become mini specification documents. With that, coding or whatever activity gets executed, and then a UAT (user acceptance testing) or other sign-off process takes place. At first glance this doesn’t sound wrong, and a lot of teams fall into this trap. The problem is, … Read More

Vision Hierarchy in Scrum: Making Your Vision Connected with Your Team

Sharing your Vision Leaders, why is it all so often that when you “share” your vision to your people, you don’t really feel it’s shared? They listen to you and agree, but you can almost tell they are taking it as yet another directive or instruction from you, and not taking it to heart. What is missing is relevance. Stepping in the shoes of staff, it’s easy to understand how they feel: “the vision sounds great, but it’s an idealistic … Read More